Aim Hunter for 8 Ball Pool Pro

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Aim hunter, like a hunter in the forest, can give a critical shot to the enemy at any time.

Aim hunter is a game tool based on 8 Ball Pool. It can guide you to pocket target balls more accurately. The guideline in the game is very short, which makes you sometimes have to judge whether it is a precise angle by feeling. However, through Aim Hunter, it will automatically extend the shorten guideline, so that you can accurately judge the trajectory of the target ball and the cue ball.

Moreover, Aim Hunter also supports showing guideline of Cushion Shots, including Bank Shots and Kick Shots. When the route from the target ball to pocket is blocked by other balls, you can easily pocket the ball through guideline of cushion shot. In some round, it is required that the last black 8-ball must be pocketed by using cushion shot, and Aim Hunter also can provide strong help with it.

Aim Hunter supports not only 2-lines but also 3-lines cushion shots, which will make you to pocket balls like a professional player.

It's Amazing, powerful and easily. Why don't you come and have a try?
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